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03.11.2007 18:21

Argentina and Brazil call up Barça players


There are more internationals to come in two weeks time. So far, Messi, Milito and Ronaldinho have all been named for their squads.

For the time being 3 players have been confirmed as absent, but there will be more. Argentina have called up Milito and Messi while Brazil have done likewise with Ronaldinho. None of the three players will therefore be around on Tuesday, November 13 when Alcoyano meet Barça in the cup.

Official matches

Messi, Milito and Ronaldinho all have qualification matches for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa to play. Argentina play Bolivia on the 17th and Colombia on the 20th in Bogotá. Brazil, meanwhile, have to face Peru in Lima on the 18th and then Uruguay on the 21st in Sao Paulo.
Argentina and Brazil call up Barça players
More to come
Other Barcelona players will also be confirmed in their teams over the next few days. For the European players, there are a series of important Euro 2008 qualifiers around the corner.

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