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28.10.2007 22:11

A good result against a good team

Roger Bogunyà

FC Barcelona’s players have stressed the importance of the result against Almeria They recognise that they haven’t played their best, but reminded the press that the three points are important for staying near the top.

They praised Almeria’s pressure and defensive work, and recognised their good level of play, despite losing 2-0. The Blaugranas know that in games like this the most important is “getting three points and winning at home”, in the words of Márquez.

Here are some of their comments.


fcb-almeria3_x1x.jpg“They are three vital points against a complicated team.”

“They pressurised us a lot in the first half. The first goal opened up the game a little.”

“I thought Henry had a complete game. He fought hard in attack and moved well. I’m happy for him, though he was calm about things. He just needed the goal to make him happier.”

“The penalty was important for us. I saw it from a long way off.”


“Touré played as a pivot, and I went back to my normal position.”

“It’s difficult when both teams are well-organised. But what was important today were the three points.”

“All games are important, but I really don’t think it’s worth laying blame. And we shouldn’t think about what Madrid are doing.”

“Above all, I think it was important for Henry to score a goal. But he was calm about it. He’s a really important player, he always looks for depth.”


fcb-almeria3.jpg“To be honest, it was the first move I played in.”

“It was a complicated game. They’re a great team, pressuring us all over the field.”

“I’d like to thank the fans. I’m happy to be here.”

“I have no problem taking penalties. I used to take them in the youth and reserve teams. And we’ve got Ronaldinho, who normally takes them.”

“It’s strange to come on for Ronaldinho. I prefer to play with him on the pitch. But even he needs to rest.”

“We’ve got a lot of games, but that’s how it is.”


“I felt well in defence.”

“Once you’re on the pitch, you slowly forget about your injury. I’m happy to be back in the team.”

“It has been a difficult, complicated game.”

“In the changing room we were saying it has been an important victory.”

“Maybe we see football differently. From inside, we saw Almeria defended well, whilst we had some trouble at the back, but upfront we had quite a few goal chances.”

“Giovani continues to grow and he made defensive sacrifices. I’m happy things are going well for him.”

“The most important thing is getting three points and continuing to win at home.”

“Valladolid are not doing that well, but they tend to play better against big teams.”


fcb-almeria4.jpg“It was a complicated game because that were strong in defence and pressurised a lot on all fronts.”

“Sometimes matches become complicated.”

“We were compact, and I’m happy with the result, but not with our game.”

“We found it difficult to form a defensive triangle and attain our usual fluidity, but then again they did defend well.”

“We settled down a little with Henry’s goal. I thought he had a good game. He makes great moves, and today we were finding him. I’m sure he’s happy.”

“We made a lot of deep passes to Henry and Giovani, but they closed themselves back. We still have to find them more.”

“We are at the end of October, and the team feels well physically. Because of injuries, we are always the same ones playing, and whether you want to or not, your body will start to feel this.”

“What matters is that we won and continue our good run.”
A good result against a good team

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