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22.10.2007 20:30

Rijkaard: “The game will be a clash of different styles”

Roger Bogunyà

Frank Rijkaard has predicted that Tuesday night’s Champions League clash between Rangers and Barça will, more than anything, be a clash of styles. He believes Barça need to make sure theirs is the one that prevails.

Physical football against the possession game. That is the way Frank Rijkaard views tonight’s crunch encounter between Glasgow Rangers and FC Barcelona. Frank Rijkaard told the pre-match conference that “we have to find a way of imposing our game” he said. “There are two teams on the pitch and it will be a clash of different styles.”

Possession football

He believes that Barça’s chances will improve the more they can keep control of the ball. “We have no chance of winning a game based on physical force, but if we keep the ball, if we are aggressive, if we don’t leave spaces and if we maintain our order, we will”, said Frank Rijkaard.

That said, he is also aware that they have to make sure they turn that possession into goals, because “having the ball is not enough, what’s most important is to win.”

Rangers no surprise

The excellent start by Rangers comes as no surprise to the Barça boss, who is aware that “the level in the Champions League is high.” He also believes they can maintain that form throughout the group, although Barça will be expecting to extend their winning run. Tonight there can only be one winner.

Always ready to learn

Asked about the way his team played in Villarreal, Rijkaard said “we started weakly, we gave them the ball, and Villarreal were more aggressive.” But he is optimistic that things can improve this Tuesday. “You learn something from all games, whether you win or lose”, he concluded.
Rijkaard: “The game will be a clash of different styles”

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