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18.10.2007 16:49

Henry & Pires: two friends on opposite sides

Sergi Nogueras

This weekend’s match against Villarreal will be the first time Pires and Henry have been on opposites sides for 10 years. The two players shared six seasons with Arsenal and many years with the France international side.

You have to go back to the 1997/98 season to find the last time these two players faced each other on a football pitch. However, that’s exactly what will happen when they line up against each other at the weekend in the match between Barça and Villarreal. After many seasons together at Arsenal and France, the link between the two goes far beyond football.

Metz v Monaco

The last time they were on opposite sides on a football pitch, Henry was playing for Monaco and Pires for Metz. The following season Henry signed for Juventus and Pires for Olympique Marseille. Then in the 2000/01 season they joined forces at Arsenal.

With France

Pires and Henry have also formed part of the recent golden age of French international football. They were both in the squad that won the 1998 World Cup in Paris and since then have won the European Championships (2000) and the Confederations Cup (2003).

Medals with Arsenal

Together they won 2 Premier Leagues titles and 3 FA Cups with Arsenal. They shared many great moments at Arsenal including an attempt to emulate the famous Cruyff penalty of 1984. In a match between Arsenal and Manchester City, and with the score at 1-0, Pires tried to pass the ball to Henry but was so unlucky the ball barely moved.
Henry & Pires: two friends on opposite sides

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