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15.10.2007 20:12

“We need to keep going strong”

Marc Guillén

Sylvinho has told a press conference that the team needs to keep going strong and to keep up the same high standards set to date in the daunting series of matches that lie ahead.

Speaking of the players that are away on international duty, Brazilian full back Silvio Mendesse said “I hope they all come back in the right condition to face Villarreal and that we can win. There is a long run of matches ahead and I hope we can stay solid. We need to keep accelerating, going strong and enjoying the great moment we are having” said Sylvinho.

He does not expect to see a drop in the level of any of the internationals, and said “all footballers just think about playing, whether for your club or country. We always give it one hundred per cent and never want to lose, not even in training matches.”


QM3D9615.jpgDoes Sylvinho think this is a championship winning side? He chose his words wisely when considering that “like last year, we have a very good team and some quality players. As ever, Barça are out to win all the titles on offer but it’s a long and slow process. Things have only just started and there is a long way to go yet.”

The Brazilian praised all his colleagues, and especially Messi. He said “I don’t like to discuss who I think the best player in the world is, because I am not sure what criteria we are voting for. If we’re talking football, I think there are three or four players that really tip the balance, and Messi and Ronaldinho are among them.”
“We need to keep going strong”
Sylvinho on the bench
Abidal has been doing a grand job at left back and this has left Sylvinho spending a lot of time on the bench. “A footballer is fully satisfied and content when he’s playing football, and of course we don’t want to be left out. I have a lot of respect for the boss and my colleagues, but it is normal enough for me to want to play as much as possible” he said.

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