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04.10.2007 20:44

Thuram: “There’s no one explanation for all the injuries”

David Puig

Lilian Thuram does not feel that the number of injuries suffered by Barça of late are the result of any single factor. He also expects a cracking game this weekend against Atlético Madrid.

FC Barcelona defender Lilian Thuram said today that “I don’t think there is any one explanation. It could be bad luck, tiredness or inactivity. Physical preparation? We all had the same pre-season, we all train the same, and we aren’t all injured”.


QM3D3734.jpgThuram does not think the team’s warm-up methods before matches are related to the blight of injuries, saying ”you can’t make generalisations. Warm-ups are very personal things and every player has his own way of ensuring they perform to their best. I don’t think there was anything wrong with our warm-up against Stuttgart. They say our warm-up was too gentle, but in the end we won 2-0.”

Great game against Atlético Madrid

Thuram predicts an intense game against Atlético Madrid on Sunday at the Camp Nou. “I don’t know if we are the two best teams in the league right now, but I do know it is going to be a very difficult game and I just hope Barça come out on top.”
Thuram: “There’s no one explanation for all the injuries”

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Ronaldinho and Messi
Thuram also spoke about the two players that are grabbing all the headlines at the moment: Ronaldinho and Messi. He said the Brazilian “looked great against Stuttgart. He played for the team and did all he could on the pitch, like everybody else. Meanwhile, Messi’s form comes as no surprise to Thuram, who said “what he is doing is quite normal and he can carry on doing the same in every game because he’s such a good player.”

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