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02.10.2007 23:44

A comforting win

Anna Segura

The players were in general agreement that the win in Stuttgart means Barça will be under a bit less pressure going into the next Champions league group games.

Barça have ended round two of matches in Champions League Group E on the six points, the same as Glasgow Rangers. Tonight’s results mean Lyon and Stuttgart both have yet to register any points, which leaves Barça and the Scots in a commanding position.

Víctor Valdés:

“I am very happy with the way things went and with the result”.

“We were unlucky with the injuries and I hope they get fit again soon. The break in the league will be good for their recovery”.

“There’s a long way to go yet. Two wins are important but we won’t know quite how much until the group is complete. We have take things step by step”.

Leo Messi:

“The important thing is for the team to keep winning. These are hard grounds to come to and it is more important to win than to play well”.

“The result is what counts, the three points. It was a difficult game and we had to work really hard out there”.

“We don’t like injuries, but I don’t think they are all that serious”.


stuttgart15.jpg“Messi is on top form. He is scoring goals that means a lot and is great for us”.

“The ground was not as fast as we usually like and that was why the pace of the game was a bit slow”.

“There are no easy games in the Champions League. We had early chances to score but we didn’t take them. In the second half we got an early chance, and scored, which meant we were far more relaxed from then on”.

“I thought Ronaldinho looked fine, he was up for it and that’s important. Perhaps he is a bit off the pace after not playing for a few days but I am sure we are a stronger side with Ronaldinho in the team”.

Andrés Iniesta:

“Although we were a bit disorganised in the first half, things generally went well”.

“It was an important win for the team. The game in Scotland will be a big one. There are still four games to go and anything could happen”.

“Winning away is always important for this team”.
A comforting win

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