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31.07.2007 11:55

Physical preparation

Berta Brau / Vanessa Forns

FC Barcelona's first team enjoyed the second of their five training sessions before they set off on the tour of the Far East and, once again, the focus was on physical preparation.

Frank Rijkaard's squad were put through another intense session as they count down towards Thursday's flight to China, which will kick off the trip that lasts until August 11. Training on Tuesday was hard work, but with a ball always present the players were able to focus on that.

entreno310707-1_x2x.jpgFollowing the usual wram-up routines and ball exercises, which were carried out in three groups, the squad underwent some exercises designed to improve ball control, while at the same time building their strength in pairs. The same players that travelled to Scotland last week were all present, with the exception of Dimas Delgado, who was given permission to miss the session.

Valiente and Olmo

Marc Valiente was in action, despite carrying a slight strain in his left leg, and he joined in throughout, while Jesús Olmo continued to work away from the main group on his personalised recovery programme.

Intensive training

entreno310707-1_x1x.jpgFollowing the ball work, the squad tried a new exercise as they were put through a physical circuit individually that involved running and jumping before culminating in a shot at goal. Víctor Valdés, Albert Jorquera and Oier Olazábal took turns to repel the efforts between the sticks. This routine took up the majority of the session, leaving just enough time for the players to warm down with a few stretches.
Physical preparation
Speed record
During the training session on Tuesday the shot speed of some of the players was recorded. The efforts ranged from between 90 kilometres per hour and 117 kilometres per hour.

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