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26.07.2007 23:55

Rijkaard: “Dundee had an advantage”

Sandra Sarmiento / Anna Segura

Rijkaard admitted that Dundee United “had an advantage because they have been training longer than us” but the Barça manager was pleased with his players’ performance.

Frank Rijkaard was pleased with Barça 2007-08’s first game. He knows there is still work to be done, but this was a great game to see how their fitness is coming on.


“I think everybody worked hard. We shouldn’t pay too much attention to the first game. They left a good image.”

“Bojan made the opposition work. He is clever and he’s got a future. Giovani Dos Santos looked good. He played well and showed he is ready to play for us and help the team”.

“Dundee had an advantage because they’ve been training longer than we have. Teams that play against Barça always want to get a good result. It was good to taste the kind of atmosphere that we are always going to have to face.”

“We are still not at our best, but for our first match there is no cause for worry and we have to keep working.”


“The pre-season is for getting into shape. It is a privilege to play with Henry. He’s amazing!”

“The idea is to play for the first team. I’m part of the squad.”


“The important thing is fitness. Most of us played a half, but the pace was fast which is good for getting us fit. As well as the win, getting out fitness back was also important.”

“It was good to play a first division team even if they are from a weaker league. They were very motivated and it is nice to play a strong opponent.”

“Touré is a very physical player, good in the air and we understand each other wel. He reads passes well and is a good all-rounder. I felt good with everybody playing with me.”


“We are starting to work. Starting with a win is good and we need to keep working hard to get into our rhythm.”

“Henry’s goal will do wonders for his confidence. The new players are very confident and I hope that can help us.”

“We have to keep working hard. That will help us to pick up our form and will be good for when we start the season.”
Rijkaard: “Dundee had an advantage”

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