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18.07.2007 16:36

Touré eager to start work

Berta Brau / Vanessa Forns

Touré Yaya worked out for the first time at the club this Wednesday. Speaking to Barça TV and www.fcbarcelona.cat, he said he is "eager to start working with my team mates”.

Just after his first training session as an FC Barcelona player, Touré Yayá said he decided to start working out before the squad is officially due back on Saturday because “I think I have had more holidays than my colleagues”.

He is also “eager to start working with my team mates”, and said he has been keeping up his fitness throughout the summer break, and also believes the new additions to Frank Rijkaard’s 2007-08 squad are just what the team needed.

How does it feel after your first training session?

“I feel happy and I think it was a good idea to start work today. The truth is, I can’t wait to start working with my new colleagues and to start competition as soon as possible.”

Why did you want to start training ahead of time?

QM3D0032.JPG“I was keen to start because I was playing in France last season and so I have had a longer holiday than my team mates did here. It is good to start training early and start getting everything moving again.”

Did you stay active during the holidays?

“Yes, regularly. I did two weeks of exercising alone with some programmes I set myself, and when I came here, after signing my contract with FC Barcelona, they gave me some other fitness programmes. It is always good to be fit.”

What do you think of the signings for 2007-08?

“They are very good players, and I think they round off the squad well. I am convinced it is going to be a great season and with the players we have got, Barça should be able to win a lot of titles.”
Touré eager to start work

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