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02.07.2007 19:08

“We'll be difficult to beat”

Jesús Carrillo

This Monday, Samuel Eto'o was in Clariana de Cardener in the Catalan region of Lleida to open the summer camp that bears his name. Some 200 young footballers will enjoy two weeks of football and fresh air.

After meeting the young players and their instructors, Eto'o spoke to reporters about the Barca squad: “On paper, we will frighten anybody, but football isn’t an exact science and so names are never enough to win matches”.

A great team

“If there aren’t any major injuries and we’re all available to the manager for every match, Barca’s chances are very good, but as I said to ‘Titi' (referring to Thierry Henry), we’re in a club where the pressure will be huge. We don’t have the right to lose a singe match; it’s as simple as that. But if we play the way we should, we’ll be very difficult to beat”.

Patience Puyol

Asked about the injury to Barca captain Carles Puyol, Eto'o mixed praise with a call for patience: “I just ask him not to be in a hurry to come back, not to try and go too fast. I’ll miss him, especially at the start of the season, because he’s a friend and a unique player in his position. But I’m confident that whoever replaces him will do just as good a job”.

Welcome Thierry Henry

Eto’o is delighted to see Thierry Henry at the club: “I’m very happy for him, for me and for what ‘Titi' will bring to the dressing room and to Barcelona’s football. I hope he settles in quickly because that will mean his quality benefits everybody”.

“We’re not moving from FC Barcelona”

Once again, Eto'o was asked about the rumours that place him and Ronaldinho in other clubs and once again he gave the same answer: “Please, I’m telling everyone that neither I nor Ronaldinho, and I’m taking the liberty of speaking in his name, are moving from FC Barcelona”.
“We'll be difficult to beat”
Friendly for Nelson Mandela
Eto'o will be Barca’s representative in a match to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s 89th birthday. The event is being organised by FIFA in Cape Town.

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