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05.06.2008 18:34

Pruna: “He's like a child”


Martín Cáceres had the first part of his medical on Thursday afternoon. Team doctor, Ricard Pruna, was impressed by the youthful condition of the Uruguay defender.

Martín Cáceres arrived in Barcelona on Thursday morning and at 4 pm reported to the Camp Nou medical centre for the first batch of medical tests.

In perfect condition

caceres_12.jpgTeam doctor, Ricard Pruna, told us: “He’s unscathed. He’s like a child. He hasn’t got any damage to his tendons or muscles and no scars”. Dr Pruna also explained that Cáceres had undergone a heart test, a strength test and a series of scans and studies.

No aftereffects

caceres_09.jpgDuring the examination, Martín Cáceres explained that he had suffered a thigh injury last season but the tests showed that there are no aftereffects whatsoever. According to Dr Pruna: “If he hadn’t told us anything we wouldn’t have found any sign of it, which means there are no aftereffects. He hasn’t got any illness or injury that could affect his performance in the future”.
Pruna: “He's like a child”

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Signature on Friday
Martín Cáceres will complete his medical on Friday and then sign his new contract with Barça. The ceremony will take place at about 12 noon after which there will be a photo opportunity for the press outside the Club offices.

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