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17.05.2008 23:40

Giovanni: “I was anxious about not scoring”

Roger Bogunyà

The Mexican Giovani, the hat-trick scoring star of yesterday’s match, admitted he was “anxious” about not scoring. On Saturday he got his first three league goals.

Barça’s number 17 explained that although he’d worked hard, he’d been denied a goal all season. He said that the goals had rounded the season off for him, and he dedicated them to outgoing coach Frank Rijkaard.

Below are some of the Barça players’ comments:


“I needed to score. I was anxious. It’s never too late to show your goal-scoring skills.”

“I’ve worked hard, and I’ve been denied a goal all season. The goals have rounded the season off for me.”

“I’ve dedicated them to Frank Rijkaard, who I care a lot for.”

“I don’t seem to figure in the press’s plans.”

“It’s a coincidence that I’ll go down in the league’s history (he scored the league’s 60,000th goal).”

“I’m really pleased with the hat-trick. I didn’t expect it.”

“It was Barça who opened doors for me and they are still my first option.”


“It was a nice debut.”

“It not the best time to make a debut, but I’m happy with the win.”

“Rijkaard told me to be calm, and he congratulated me at the end.”


“It was good for Rijkaard to win the last game.”

“I’d like to thank him for putting his trust in us.”


“It’s great to win the last game.”

“I’m always positive, and when I came on I knew my role. I believe in my work.”


murcia-fcb.jpg“We haven’t won anything but we wanted to finish well.”

“I’m happy for Giovani. It was important for his self-confidence.”

“I came to this club to win, but we haven’t won anything. I hope we’ll do it next season.”

“I’ve scored 19 goals and set up 11.”

“When you don’t win, changes have to be made.”
Giovanni: “I was anxious about not scoring”

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