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11.05.2008 23:59

Pinto: “I would have liked to have won for the fans”

Anna Segura

José Manuel Pinto was in the starting XI against Mallorca for the first time in the Camp Nou. The keeper could not hide his disappointment at the last minute defeat.

José Manuel Pinto started a League match for Barça for the first time in the Camp Nou. The Barça goalie was disappointed by the defeat to Mallorca and said “I would have liked to have won for the fans”.

José Manuel Pinto:

“Getting knocked out of the Champions League hit us hard.”

“I would have liked to have won the last game of the season at home for the fans.”

“In just a short time I’ve made some great friends and shared a dressing room with some great professionals.”

“Being coached by Rijkaard has been an honour. He is a great guy and coach. I am very pleased to have met him and worked with him.”

Gianluca Zambrotta:

“It’s not fair that Henry, Eto'o and Deco got whistled. We are a team and we play together. If we lose, everyone is to blame and the fairest thing would be to whistle the entire team.”

“All I want to do is finish this season, forget about it and then see what’s going to happen next year.”

“These have been two pretty strange years. We have to do something to turn things around.”

“We played well in the first half but in the second we let in two bizarre goals. We just have to forget this season and look ahead.”

“We were a bit unlucky because they had a couple of chances and scored, and we have chances at times and don’t get one.”

“No-one wanted it to turn out like that, but that’s football: sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.”

“Being whistled isn’t nice but we knew what the atmosphere was going to be like.”

“Rijkaard deserved a better last match at home. All the fans have seen what he’s done, and now it’d be better just to remember his victories.”

Pinto: “I would have liked to have won for the fans”
Deco has thigh strain
Deco was in the starting XI but was replaced at halftime by Bojan. The Portuguese midfielder left the pitch with a thigh strain.

At the start of the game the players of both teams stood in front of a banner saying “Justice for Levante U.D.”. The idea came from the Spanish Footballers’ Association which wanted to show its support for the Levante players in their labour dispute with their club.

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