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08.05.2008 14:21

Touré: "It’s been a difficult season”

David Puig

Touré told reporters on Thursday that it had been a difficult season and that the players were as gutted as anybody by the defeat in the Santiago Bernabeu. However, despite the disappointment, he called on the fans to view the future with optimism.

“It’s been a difficult season that I would define as mediocre”. This was Touré Yayá’s summing up of the season about to finish. The defeat against Real Madrid means that Barça cannot now finish in second place and will have to earn a place in the group stage of the Champions League via the qualifying phase.

Touré insisted that the players are disappointed with the way things have gone this season: “The fans should know that we are as disappointed as anybody. I admit that we have failed too often but we have had too many injuries to key players. I don’t believe it’s been a problem of attitude. We’ve often spoken about it amongst ourselves before matches and, despite everything, we’ve failed. Attitude alone doesn’t win you matches”.

Real Madrid much better

080508training_x15x.jpgTouré explained that a lot had gone through his mind during the Real Madrid game, none of it good: “I felt all kinds of sensations: humiliation and foolishness among them. They played really well and were better than us. It was also a difficult match for Rijkaard. I’ve rarely seen him so upset during a match”.

Looking to the future

Though it’s a difficult time for the team, Touré called on the fans to think positively about next season: “It’s been a very difficult season but we have to look to the future with optimism. We have to find solutions, talk amongst ourselves and avoid repeating the same mistakes”.
Touré: “It’s been a difficult season”

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Keen to play the remaining games
There are two league games left and Touré is hoping to play both of them despite the back problems he’s been suffering for the past few weeks: “I’m keen to play the two games we have left but I have to speak to the doctors to see if I’ll be fit. I’ve been having painkilling injections to be able to play and help the team”.

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