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07.05.2008 23:48

Rijkaard: "We suffered a lot"

Jordi Clos

Frank Rijkaard could not hide his disappointment after FC Barcelona's defeat against Real Madrid in the Bernabéu and revealed his frustration at the performance.

In the post-match press conference, the Dutch coach admitted that his side were nowhere near their best in the 4-1 reverse. "It is clear that we played a bad game," he explained. "To the difference was that one team that has one something and another team that has suffered and has not won anything to make their fans proud. We have not shown much strength as a team. In games like this, you have to battle and that means attack and defend together and we did not do that well."

Key start

For Rijkard, the start of the game was key. "We began by losing possession and everything we in Madrid's favour and they managed to score," he said. "Although we could discuss some of the fouls in the build-up to most of the goals, Madrid played a lot better and deserved to win and we suffered. At 2-0 they had the spirit of champions and played with more confidence."

When asked about the players' attitude, Rijkaard responded by stating: "they have pride and they worked hard, ut you go two goals behind frustration creeps in. The things that should work do not."

A hard blow

madrid-fcb1_x9x.jpg"I do not want to talk about humiliation or ridicule," Rijkaard continued. "We were just not able to do what we wanted. It is a blow and adds to the deception we have already felt this season. Now it is best that we just play a game soon. We have to rediscover our motivation and, while it will not be easy, we have to do it to play well."

Training behind closed doors

The Barça squad will train on Thursday at 12pm in the Miniestadi behind closed doors.
Rijkaard: “We suffered a lot“
Welcoming party
Barça performed the traditional champions welcome as the players lined up to greet the Real Madrid players onto the pitch in the Bernabéu. Raúl and his team-mates thanked the Blaugrana side for their gesture.

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