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05.05.2008 14:10

Touré Yaya to be at the Bernabéu

Anna Segura / Jordi Clos

First team doctor Ricard Pruna says that the midfielder will be able to play against Madrid, while Ronaldinho’s recovery is on course.

Touré Yaya has got over the injury to his left ankle and can play in the Bernabéu if Frank Rijkaard calls him up for the squad according to first team doctor Ricard Pruna. Speaking at the press conference about Gaby Milito’s injury, Pruna said that Touré Yaya has improved a lot. The midfielder injured himself during training on Saturday and missed the game against Valencia. He has been receiving treatment since then.

Operation at end of season

Pruna also spoke about the slipped disk which Touré Yaya has been suffering from over recent months. “The infiltrations and the player’s energy have helped the muscles to hold on. In any event we’ll operate at the end of the season to sort it out,” he said. The forecast is that the player will be out of action for “four to six weeks” after the operation.

Ronaldinho’s recovery on course

mati050508_x4x.jpgWhen asked about how Ronaldinho’s injury was coming along, Ricard Pruna said the prognosis was initially around six weeks. “It’s been a month so far and the injury is looking good,” he said. “That means he’s got another two weeks to go.” Pruna added that he was doubtful as to whether the Brazilian would be able to play much if at all during the three games left in the season: “The injury has to heal properly so that there are no problems stored up for the future.”

Pruna also had good words to say about Ronaldinho’s attitude during the recovery process: “He’s doing the work programme we set out for him. He turns up every day and does what’s required. And that means he’s done four and a half weeks. He’s following his course of treatment and the injury is coming along nicely.”
Touré Yaya to be at the Bernabéu

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