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04.05.2008 22:12

Messi: "We’ll go to Madrid to win the game"

Anna Segura

Leo Messi was responsible for scoring the first of the six goals scored today against Valencia. The Argentinian believes the win means they can face the ‘classic’ on Wednesday with their “morale high”.

The forward was speaking on the programme ‘El Marcador’ on Barça TV, where he said that the win against Valencia was a positive result going in to Wednesday’s game in the Bernabeu.

Leo Messi:

“We knew we would be going into this atmosphere but the supporters have their points. But we’ve shown that we want the best for the club.”

“This is the best way to travel to the Bernabeu, with our morale high. It’s three important points and we’ll go to Madrid to win the game.”

”Not scoring is part of football. We’ve had nine chances and scored six goals and on other occasions we’ve had more chances and not scored any”.

”We are Barça and we know that we have to go out and win the game no matter what. We know it’s difficult but we have to try to win the remaining games”.

”There are only a few games left and we are now thinking about next season. When you don’t win anything you always look forward to a new season”.

”I am still short of games to be fully fit”.

Thierry Henry:

fcb-valencia1_x8x.jpg“It’s true that we saw the supporters were angry at the start of the game but we scored early and that made it easier to win the game”.

“We know we can play games like this but it always helps when you score two early goals”.

”The best scenario for us is if Madrid don’t win today and we can do something there”.

”We played a good game, we scored quickly and this helped things go more smoothly”.

“We reacted well. Now we can do so in Madrid and finish the season in the best way possible”.

”I try to do my best but sometimes it’s not enough”.

”Bojan has nerves of steel and this year he has shown that he can be a Barça player”.

Samuel Eto'o:

“We have to work to regain this confidence for next season”.

”I like to play all the games but more so against Madrid. I don’t think the tackle deserved a yellow card”.

”The whistles didn’t bother me. I don’t think the supporters were whistling against my performance but some things I said. I understand them but all I want to do is win, as do they”.

” We had more luck today and that’s the line to follow. We have the squad to do it”.

”At Barça you have to go forward and that’s what we did today”.

“There’s nothing for us to do but keep going and try to finish second”.
Messi: “We’ll go to Madrid to win the game“
Messi - 75 league games
The Argentinian played his 75th league game against Valencia. Leo Messi also marked the occasion by scoring his 31st league goal.

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