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02.05.2008 14:07

Valdés: "Rijkaard deserves more respect

Anna Segura

Valdés has stated that he is shocked by the criticism that FC Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard has received recently and claimed that the Dutchman should be shown more respect. "His work is not being valued, not just now but from other years," he said.

With only four games of the season remaining, the Blaugrana goalkeeper believes that the players must remain completely focussed. "There are some important matches coming up and we want to finish as strongly as possible. There have been a lot of ups and downs this season, especially in the league. But we went a long way in the cups. Now we just have to learn from the conclusions at the end of the season."

The right man

020508training_x1x.jpgAfter hearing all the reports speculating about Rijkaard's future, Valdés put his weight behind the coach: "I expect that he will stay here for many more years to come," he explained. "I do not think that his work is being valued, not just now but from previous years. I personally think he is the right man for the job and deserves a lot more respect than he is being given."

Looking ahead to the end of the campaign, Valdés said that he felt the team "need to continue working hard" and ensure that any player that wants to stay in the summer proves themselves because "nobody here is untouchable".

Giving everything

020508training_x3x.jpgDespite finishing the season with no silverware, Valdés would not speak of failure: "As a player you do not like to talk about that," he continued. "We have done what we can and we have tried to give everything that we have. It is a real shame because things have not gone how we would have liked."

Fans’ reaction

Sections of the Barcelona fans have let the players know of their frustration and Valdés understands. "We have to accept that and try to improve so that things will turn out better for the fans next season."
Valdés: “Rijkaard deserves more respect

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Being professional
Víctor Valdés has admitted that if Real Madrid are proclaimed champions before they meet Barcelona on Wednesday then he will congratulate them on their success. "We have to accept these things as professional football players," he said. "In sport, one must know how to lose. If they win the league then we have to accept that and be sporting about it."

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