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06.04.2008 23:57

Xavi: “Another missed opportunity”

Roger Bogunyà

Xavi Hernández admits that the team has failed again and missed out on another opportunity to catch up with the leaders. He says that the League is now “very hard” after the draw.

Xavi says that the 0-0 draw with Getafe “is another missed opportunity” in the League. In spite of the poor result, the midfielder says that “we played well during spells and we were the better side.” Other players such as Zambrotta and Eto'o also believe that Barça were better than Getafe and say that Barça lost due to luck not being on its side.

Below are the comments of the FC Barcelona players after the game.


“I’m disappointed because I thought we were better.”

“We tried our best but the ball just wouldn’t go in.”

“It’s another missed opportunity.”

“It’s now very hard, but we still haven’t given up on the League.”

“The players are down but we’ll try to turn things round.”


“Every day is hard. But while God continues to give us health, we have to be thankful. There are more important things than football.”

“We aren’t going to give up – we’ll keep fighting to the end.”

“I still reckon we have a chance in the League and on Wednesday we could get through to the semis of the Champions League. We have to move on.”

“We’ve have lots of opportunities to catch up with the leader but we haven’t taken advantage of any of them.”

“Getafe played well and we were unlucky.”

“Me being substituted? The coach did what he thought was right and thought about Wednesday.”

“I want to win the European Cup because I know what these fans going out into the street to celebrate is like.”


“It’s a pity that we haven’t got the three points and yet again we haven’t taken advantage of Madrid slipping up.”

“Every game that goes by when we don’t cut the gap will make life harder. We’ve had lots of chances, not only today, when we could have done it but didn’t. As players and professionals we’ll keep on trying.”

“We have to change our mindset. We have a good chance of getting into the semis of the Champions League. We want to win a trophy or two.”

“Arguments about non-sporting matters affect the team.”


“It’s a pity but we’re still just seven points behind.”

“We did everything we could to win, and we played well.”

“We hit the woodwork three times which shows you how unlucky we were.”

“Sometimes when you win people say you didn’t play well, and today we played well but we didn’t win.”
Xavi: “Another missed opportunity”
Fans reaction understandable
The players understand but are not happy with the white hankies waved at the end of the match by some fans to show their displeasure. Valdés admits that “it’s normal that the fans aren’t happy if the team doesn’t win” and Xavi said the reaction was “a pity”: “We made an enormous effort. We hope that the fans will be backing the side on Wednesday but we understand what went on today.” Samuel Eto'o said that “at the moment we aren’t delivering the goods but I think that going out onto the pitch without the support of my fans is enough to make you want not to go out. But the fans have the right to get angry even though now is not the time to be divided. At the end of the season the board and the coach will come to their conclusions.” The team is to train this Monday morning at 11 am with eyes turning to Wednesday’s match with Schalke 04.

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