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18.03.2008 20:42

Iniesta: “The idea is to win the game”

Berta Brau

“A very important game for the way the end of the season pans out”, is how Andrés Iniesta has described the return leg of the Copa del Rey match with Valencia.

Andrés Iniesta spoke to the media after the training session behind closed doors on Tuesday evening. “This is a very important moment of the season, the game on Thursday means a lot towards the way the end of the season is going to pan out”, he started by saying and then added that “everything else has to be laid to one side because we are one step away from playing in a final”.

A difficult game

But the midfielder knows the game with Valencia will be difficult because “the first leg result was not favourable. The idea is to win the game … it is a game we have to win or win, and to do that we are going to have to score one or more goals”. The Fuentealbilla born player said that this was no hard target for a side that “always plays to win, keep possession of the ball as much as possible and tries to control the game”.

Group commitment

entrenament180308_x6x.jpgAndrés Iniesta spoke about commitment, saying “we all want to win for ourselves and to make the people happy, that is the best thing a footballer can have”, and the one thing the squad does not want is to finish the season without any titles. “That is not an idea that has come into our heads. Every season there are bad moments and we have to get over them. I am confident the season will end well.”

“Everybody is their own world”

That is what the player said about the injuries affecting the side. “There are players that feel pain more than others and when somebody says they have an injury it is because they have one. I don’t know of any player that has been able to play and train that has preferred not to do so.” He was speaking about Ronaldinho’s situation, about whom he said is “a very important player for the group”.
Iniesta: “The idea is to win the game”
Change of positions
Andrés Iniesta is undoubtedly the most versatile player in the current squad and he is happy to play anywhere. “The only thing I am interested in doing is being on the pitch because that means I am doing my job. As long as I am playing, I am happy.”

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