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12.03.2008 19:39

An honest Henry

Marc Guillén

Thierry Henry appeared before the press to make it clear that his problems lie not with Barça, but in his private life. He admitted that rarely seeing his daughter is affecting him even though he tries to put it out his mind on the field.

The French striker also wanted to clarify some of things that had been said last week. Thierry Henry was honest on Wednesday afternoon in front of the press because he does not like things to be “confused”.

Various clarifications

QM3D8962.jpg“I would just like to clear up some of the rubbish that has been said about me. Once again, there are people talking for me, one of my former team-mates, I don’t know what he was talking about but he does what he wants. On Sunday I didn’t leave the stadium for footballing reasons, I left because I had to take care of something like I have to every day. I think you guys keeps forgetting that my life is not all clear at the moment, seeing my daughter is one of the most important things in my life right now. If you know what it is like to have a daughter then you can imagine that. I don’t want anyone to cry for me, only that no-one speaks on for me.”

The blaugrana number 14 also explained that he has only seen his daughter five times in the last eight months and that is something that has affected him “a lot”. “It is inevitable that it affects you as the person that I am. But I always try and go out onto the field and forget about it”, said the striker.

Never satisfied with his game

QM3D8717.jpgThe Frenchman admitted that he is not happy with his performances but he also explained that due to his character he is “never” satisfied with his game. “In my 14 years in football it has always happened to me, I am never happy,” explained the blaugrana.

Henry also asked that there be no comparisons with the ‘Arsenal Henry’ because now he is playing in a different position in a different side. “I played the same way for 8 years and now I have to adapt to a new league, a new team and finally to playing on the left,” reasoned a Thierry Henry who also wanted to make it clear that he “did not want this to be interpreted as a request for the coach to change my position. I don’t have a problem playing on the left”.
An honest Henry

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Thanks to the medical staff
Henry also took the chance to thank the club’s medical staff as they were able to help him over his back problem without the necessity of an ‘operation’. “Thanks to the excellent work of all the club’s medical staff, I have avoided surgery and my back is now fine”, explained the Frenchman.

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