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11.03.2008 10:18

Amazing strike rate

Sergi Nogueras

Eto'o will play his 100th League game for Barça this coming Sunday, and he’s reached that figure with the best strike rate for a Barça player in the last 50 years.

Next Sunday’s match with Almería could be Eto'o’s 100th League game in a Barça shirt. In that time the Cameroon striker has notched 71 goals, making him into one of the best goalscorers in the history of the club.

In fact to find a player who has reached 100 games with more goals you have to go back 50 years, to the time when Kubala reached his century with 84 and Mariano Martin did it with 90.

Beating the legends

fcb-stuttgart-ETOxO.jpgJust how good Eto'o’s 71 goals are can be seen by comparing him with other legendary Barça strikers. At this stage in their careers Evaristo Macedo had found the net 66 times between the 57-58 and 61-62 seasons, Monaguillo 58 times between 34-35 and 44-45 (with football called off for the Spanish Civil War in the middle), Eulogio Martínez 55 times between 56-57 and 61-62, Tejada 53 times between 53-54 and 58-59 and César 52 times between 42-43 and 46-47.

Contemporary strikers

In recent times no other Barça striker has come close to equalling Eto'o’s strike rate after 100 League games. Rivaldo had until now the best figures in the modern game with 55 goals. Close behind are Stoitxkov and Quini at 54, Kluivert with 52, Luis Enrique with 47, Julio Salinas with 45 and Gary Lineker with 42.

ALEGRIA_KOEMAN_I_BAKERO.JPGAnother outstanding performer has been Ronaldinho, who in spite of not being a forward reached 100 League matches for Barça with a total of 41 goals. A defender like Ronald Koeman was also able to reach his League centenary with 36 strikes, mostly from free kicks or penalties.

Romario and Ronaldo

In Barça’s recent history, however, there have been two goalscorers who had high strike rates, though neither reached the figure of 100 League games for the club. Romario notched 34 goals in 46 matches in the 93-94 and 94-95 seasons, while his fellow Brazilian Ronaldo did even better, scoring 34 goals in 37 matches in his only season with Barça in 96-97.
Amazing strike rate
Eto'o’s figures at Mallorca
Eto'o spent five seasons at Mallorca just before he joined Barça. He scored 36 goals for the Balearic Islands outfit in his first 100 League games between the 1999-00 and 2002-03 seasons.

Mariano Martín (100 games/90 goals) from 39-40 to 45-46

Kubala (100 games/84 goals) from 51-52 to 55-56

Eto'o (99 games/71 goals) from 2004-05 to 07-08

Evaristo (100 games/66 goals) from 57-58 to 61-62

Monaguillo (100 games/58 goals) from 34-35 to 44-45

E.Martinez (100 games/55 goals) from 56-57 to 61-62

Rivaldo (100 games/55 goals) from 97-98 to 99-00

Stoichkov (100 games/54 goals) from 90-91 to 93-94

Quini (100 games/54 goals) from 80-81 to 83-84

Tejada (100 games/53 goals) from 53-54 to 58-59

César (100 games/52 goals) from 42-43 to 46-47

Kluivert (100 games/52 goals) from 98-99 to 01-02

Luis Enrique (100 games/47 goals) from 96-97 to 99-00

Julio Salinas (100 games/45 goals) from 88-89 to 90-91

Zaldúa (100 games/44 goals) from 61-62 to 68-69

Lineker (100 games/42 goals) from 86-87 to 88-89

Ronaldinho (100 games/41 goals) from 03-04 to 06-07

Koeman (100 games/36 goals) from 89-90 to 92-93

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