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04.03.2008 23:18

“Messi is an important player for us”

Roger Bogunyà

Frank Rijkaard said that the worst thing about the game with Celtic was the injury to Leo Messi, “an important player for us”. But he pointed out that we won’t know how serious the injury is until he has taken tests on Wednesday.

“Messi has had injuries before and the squad knows how much the player is suffering right now. He is an important player for us and this is a sad moment for the players, but tomorrow we will know what he’s got after medical tests and let’s hope it is nothing serious.”

That was Frank Rijkaard’s response to what has happened to Leo Messi, who has hurt his left hamstring.

All working to avoid injuries

The Dutch manager added that “the medical staff and the club are working together with the players to prevent injuries and extra work is being done in the dressing rooms. Work is being done, but players can always get injured”.

Full backs on song

Frank Rijkaard was pleased with the job done by his full backs, saying “one of the full backs always goes up to join the attack, but when that happens, we also have to send an attacker into the middle of the attack, and that is what we did well today”. It was Sylvinho who supplied the ball for Xavi to score the only goal of the night.

Good game by Celtic

Rijkaard also commented that Celtic “played a very good game” and that despite an early shock “they never let their heads drop and played confidently and, as always, they were a very difficult team to beat”.
“Messi is an important player for us”
Laporta: “I am sorry for Messi”
Joan Laporta said “I am sad for Leo, because he was playing very well. Sad for him and for the team.” The president of FC Barcelona said the injury has left him “very concerned, because his participation is important ... he had problems with his isquiotibials and that’s why he didn’t play at the Vicente Calderón and today was a very important game, and he played, but got injured.” But he preferred to end on a more optimistic note, saying “we will get over this, I’m sure, because we have a very complete squad and those that come on for him will do very well.”

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