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28.02.2008 13:18

“More united than ever”

Vanessa Forns

Messi is pleased with the first team’s efficiency. He said that “the way we are playing, we can feel calm about going to any ground” and that the players “are more united than ever”.

The players know that their futures in the League, Cup and Champions league are still in their own hands. Messi has just made his 100th appearance and feels morale is high because “we have shown that we want to play well and that we can play well. The most important thing is that we are playing all of our games at a high level.”

Hardest bit yet to come

But he knows they have to be aware of where they stand and “we have to stay calm, because there are lots of games still to be played”. Mistakes at this stage could prove costly, and he pointed out that “Now comes the hardest bit. Every game, in whichever competition, is like a final. You can’t let down your guard at any time because if you do you can end up in trouble”.

First final at the Vicente Calderón

The first of these crunch matches comes on Saturday at the Vicente Calderón. The Argentinian is pretty sure that we won’t see a repeat of last year’s amazing 6-0 win. “It will be a very difficult game and I just hope we get the three points” he said.

‘Kun' Agüero’s contribution

His friend ‘Kun' Agüero may miss the game due to a muscle injury, and Messi has said that would be a pity because “it will be a nice game to play. He is a very important player for his team, and has a perfect understanding with Forlán”, and added that “it matters a lot whether he is on the pitch or not”.
“More united than ever”

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Opposing feelings
Messi said that, considering they needed a late equaliser to avoid home to defeat in the cup to Valencia “in part I felt good, and on the other hand, not so much, because I don’t think we were very lucky”. Despite the good performance, the Argentinian said that “when you have so many chances to score and don’t make use of any them, then you can’t be satisfied. But we had a great game and deserved much more than the draw”.

He was also asked if he felt Eto'o handled the ball before Xavi’s goals and said “it all happened very fast” and that "he didn't do it on purpose”.

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