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13.02.2008 14:29

Márquez: "We will go game-by-game"

Berta Brau / Jordi Clos

Rafa Márquez has flatly denied that the Barça squad are putting the Champions League and Copa del Rey ahead of their performances in la Primera and he remains optimistic that the season can be successful.

The Mexican international spoke after training with the squad at La Montanyà and he analysed how he sees things within the team. He also stated that he enjoyed the change of scenery for training. "It is good to disconnect and it gives you more contact with your teammate," he explained after the squad had been put through three intense sessions this week.

Winning attitude

Looking at Barça's quest to reduce the gap int he league, having the right attitude is key according to Márquez. "I am an optimist because I see the work being done every day and nobody is relaxing during training, everyone is given all they can," he said. "There are still a lot of points to play for and after seeing Madrid lose to Almería, it is clear that a lot can happen. Our priority is not the Champions League. For us, all the trophies have the same importance as we want to win them all. We are going to take things game-by-game." Looking ahead to the Zaragoza encounter he added: "We have to leave La Romareda with three points."

The importance of Eto'o and Ronaldinho

WEB_09.jpgOne of the main absentees from the trip to La Montanyà has been Samuel Eto'o, who returns on Thursday from the Africa Cup of Nations. "Eto'o is a key player up front, but even though he cannot play against Zaraogza we have plenty of players that can score," Márquez continued. The defender then showed sympathy for Ronaldinho: "It is difficult to come back after being out for a while," he explained. "He should be given time and confidence because he is a vital player and we need him."
Márquez:  “We will go game-by-game“
Faith in Rijkaard
During the training sessions, Frank Rijkaard has spent a lot of time with the midfield players. According to Márquez "we have worked on reaching the opposition's area". The Mexican international then explained that he knows how the coach works after four-and-a-half year at the club. "During that time everything has worked well and we trust him just like he trusts the players."

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