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12.02.2008 14:04

Quality reinforcement in midfield

Jaume Marcet

Rijkaard has one additional midfielder for the game with Zaragoza. Touré Yaya has admitted he is tired after his time in Africa but is ready and waiting to play at the Romareda.

He is back and he wants the league title. Touré Yaya has been in Africa playing for his country and as he told a press conference this evening “the long journey does affect you but I can get over it and be ready to play right away”.

Despite being in Ghana all this time, the Ivorian has been keeping a close eye on developments back home. “Eight points are difficult to make up but we can win the league. Yes, Madrid did thrash Valladolid, but the week before they lost away to Almería”.

Other African stars

The midfielder was sorry Eto’o did not get to win the African Nations Cup, but added “I hope he comes back soon because we need him”.

He was also asked about Drogba’s interest in playing for Milan or FC Barcelona, and said after spending the last few weeks in the same squad as the player that “we did speak about how nice it would be for him to come here. But it’s not for me to decide, that’s something for the directors”.

toure_costamarfil1.jpgHe was also asked about Marco Koné, a player who has been trying out with the reserves, and who Touré describes as “a good player, we spent some years together in a football school in my country”. Koné is a 24 year old midfielder who is now a free agent after having played in Greece.

Injuries and Ronaldinho

Touré thinks the club suffers so many injuries because of "the large number of internationals we have. We do so much travelling and play so many games that there are always going to be injuries, and for the next few games I just hope as many players get fit again as possible”. And on Ronaldinho, Touré added “he is a great footballer, a very important one for us”.
Quality reinforcement in midfield
No Barça appearances since January 5
Touré Yaya has been unavailable for the last five weeks. The last time he played for the club was in Palma, at the Ono Estadi, where the team won 2-0. Touré has played 15 league, 3 Champions League and one cup game to date, and Barça have only ever lost twice with the Ivorian in the side. Not only is he a key defensive player, but he also scored one goal and supplied four assists.

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