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03.02.2008 22:22

Deco: “What we wanted was the three points”

Anna Segura

The Barça players admitted after the game that this result means much more than just three points, as they battled to the end to get a win that cuts the gap with Real Madrid.

“Three really important points”. All the players agreed that the important thing about the match with Osasuna was to get three points. Xavi’s goal in the 87th minute showed the team was still in there right up to the end.


“We created a lot of chances in the first half. They defended well. Of course we’d like to score more goals but what we wanted most of all was the three points. Plus I think we played well.”

“What would worry us would be if we weren’t creating chances. That would mean we weren’t getting up there and we weren’t playing well.”

“It’s been a tough week with some tough games. We dropped off a little in the second half as a result and also because the pitch was a bit harder to play on.”

“The team is a lot more solid. We’re defending well but we need to score more goals.”

“We keep an eye on Madrid. It’s not entirely up to us now. We have to see what the leader’s doing and make sure we don’t drop any more points.”

“We were a bit anxious when we went out as we knew that Madrid had lost.”

Thierry Henry:

“A goal that’s worth three points. After Thursday’s match this was tough game, especially physically. But the most important thing is that we’ve won.”

“It was a hard game. In the first half we played well, but Ricardo was having a fantastic match.”

“We can still win the League. We’re six points behind Madrid, in the semi-finals of the Cup, in the Champions League. Barça wants to win everything.”

“Now what we have to do is to beat Sevilla, which won’t be easy. We have to win and get those three points.”

Giovani dos Santos:

“It was a hard match as Osasuna had a good game plan and didn’t make it easy for us.”

“The team never threw in the towel and we fought right to the end. We showed that we hadn’t given up on the game.”

“You can never give up in the League. We have to keep on fighting and hope that at the end of the season we’ll be champions.”

Gianluca Zambrotta:

“Xavi’s goal means a lot. It was a hard match, but in the end we won which is the important thing.”

“Osasuna are a very well organised side, and we found it hard to round moves off. The result is very good for us.”

“Last week we were out of contention in the League and it was virtually over. Now they say it’s game on again. I think there should be a bit more balance in football.”

“We’ve got two tough matches coming up, Sevilla and Zaragoza. We had our game faces on tonight.”
Deco: “What we wanted was the three points”

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