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12.01.2008 23:26

Bojan: “We needed a win like this”

Anna Segura

The four goals and excellent display against Murcia have got the team believing in themselves again. Bojan, who scored the second goal, realises the importance of this win.

After the game with Murcia, the players highlighted how important a win like this was. They now want to go on and beat Sevilla in the cup to continue the good run.

Bojan Krkic:

“We needed a win like this. Now if we qualify against Sevilla, we will feel more confident”.

“The game against Madrid was a hard blow. We had to sort things out and I think we are showing that we did”.

“I feel fine in any of the three attacking positions”.

“I connect well with Henry, it’s something innate”.

Eidur Gudjohnsen:

“I felt good from the first minute. We played it around easily and that was an important part of the first goal. But they were well placed in defence”.

“I have to thank Zambrotta and Henry because they gave great assists, Henry’s movement helped me because he went to the near post”.

“The people were hoping for something more and I think we won well today”.

Lillian Thuram:

“We needed a result like this”.

“Personally, the first half was hard because I haven’t played for some time. But I felt better later”.

“When an opponent plays like that at the back it is only normal for us to score first. After the team played well and the attitude was right”.

“I think we are starting to see the best of Henry. I hope he is going to be an important player as he likes to feel important to the team”.

Víctor Valdés:

“It is important for the fans to see that we have got our best football back”.

“Murcia is a very well organised side and play very directly. Barça played aggressive pressure football”.

“Now we are in the right frame of mind for the cup game and confident of going through”.


“We were missing games like these. We played well”.

“The first goal is always the hardest because they were very defensive. Until Gudjohnsen scored there was a game but from then on we could play our way”.


“I was pleased with my debut, and especially the win. The team treated me well and I thank them for it”.

“It was a thrill to make my debut at the Camp Nou. I still can’t believe it. I want to thank everybody who has shown their faith in me”.
Bojan: “We needed a win like this”
Ingla: “We needed a result like this”
After the game, the vice president of FC Barcelona, Marc Ingla, said “we needed a result like this to confirm the positive dynamic of the team in different competitions”. Ingla was impressed with the way they played as a group and was also grateful to Eto’o for making the effort to join the Cameroon squad later and also said they will continue to work on finding a new goalkeeper.

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