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July 2008
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Thursday31 13:08 From Florence to Burkina Faso
11:20 22 Barça reps in Peking
Wednesday30 21:36 Messi will join up with Argentinian Olympic team
10:22 Messi waiting for FIFA’s decision video
10:20 Fiorentina-Barça live on Barça TV video
Monday28 19:43 3 new directors and changes in the Board gallery
19:25 Laporta says Messi will go on the tour
Sunday27 10:31 Barça reaches 163,000 members
Thursday24 18:38 The club ratifies its arguments
Wednesday23 20:00 Manel Estiarte, new head of external relations video
12:50 Agreement with Kuruvchi FC
Monday21 13:09 Barça to continue promoting Catalonia
Sunday20 10:05 Bruce wows the Camp Nou gallery
Friday18 11:59 The Boss brings music back to Camp Nou
Sunday13 18:40 “We’ll have a strong team” gallery
Friday11 19:36 “The decision vouches for the goog economic management” video
Thursday10 21:10 Laporta: "We need to recover institutional calm" video
18:45 Eight directors resign video
Wednesday09 11:33 Meeting set for Thursday
Monday07 14:22 150,000 Barça fans have a great festival video
01:11 “We’ll finish off our term of office" video
01:07 Giralt: “Barça came out winning” video
Sunday06 23:53 The vote of censure is unsuccessful
19:00 The ex-Presidents also take part video
16:01 The turnout has surpassed the necessary minimum
12:48 “To vote no is a vote for freedom” gallery
11:50 Giralt: “the result will be good for Barça”
11:49 Big party at the Camp Nou gallery
Saturday05 12:12 The importance of participation
12:10 118.528 members, called to the polls
Friday04 12:03 Economy up for fifth consecutive year video
Tuesday01 12:35 New shirts a major success gallery
10:28 Agreement with Arabic Computer Systems

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