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07.07.2008 01:07

Giralt: “Barça came out winning”

Jordi Clos

Oriol Giralt appeared at the press conference very satisfied with the results obtained in the vote of censure. He also praised the great turnout of members and the club’s organisation of the event.

One of the members who proposed the vote of censure, Oriol Giralt, appeared before the press this Sunday just after midnight to evaluate the results. “I’m very pleased”, he said. According to him, it was difficult for the vote of censure to succeed due to fact that “the statutory requisites are very demanding”. Bare in mind that 66.6% of the vote is required for the vote to succeed.

Member number 33,290 assured that “it may seem contradictory, but in a few months time we will see that Barça is the real winner”.

He doesn’t foresee any future social divisions

In this way, Giralt expressed his desire that the vote of censure doesn’t cause any division among FC Barcelona fans: “It’s a democratic exercise which could not possibly cause any social division”. At the same time, the member who proposed the vote requested, “The Board should read into the results and analyse them profoundly as this is a really good result for us”.

Respect for the result

QM3D0680.jpgDuring the journalists round of questions, Oriol Giralt let it be known that he “will not ask for the presidents resignation because the statutes empower him to continue”. One of the two members who proposed the referendum considered it to be a vote of censure “against the management personalised by the president and also the members of the Board”.

Party for Barcelona fans

Giralt also expressed his satisfaction with how the day had unfolded: “I want to congratulate all the members for the great turnout. We knew they were keen to express themselves and they did so in a spectacular way”.

On the other hand he congratulated Barça “because they organised a really good party . They got it right”. He added, “Lots of children will remember this day as being the first time they were able to step on to the pitch at the Camp Nou”.
Giralt: “Barça came out winning”

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Off on holiday
After the day of the censure vote, Oriol Giralt announced his plans for the immediate future: “Now what I want to do is go away on holiday and wait and see what happens”.

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