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August 2008
Date Time ???label.noticia.titol??? Multimedia
Monday25 11:59 Barça on the podium: 10 out of 22 with a medal
Sunday24 20:13 New board members ratified
19:05 Laporta to continue as president
18:46 Historic budget approved
18:00 Laporta defends economic management gallery
17:55 Final accounts approved
17:40 Best turn out since 2001
Thursday21 09:22 Barça’s condolences
Wednesday20 16:00 Barça represented at Sensi funeral
Tuesday19 10:40 XICS Ecuador almost ready
Saturday09 17:49 Barça-Wisla, at 9.45p.m.
Friday08 12:25 Stalwart defender of the clubs
Thursday07 16:47 Agreement signed with Kuruvchi FC
Wednesday06 11:02 The CAS finds in favour of Barça
06:56 Assembly on 24 August
Tuesday05 17:32 Solidarity campaign in the NY stock exchange gallery
03:12 Visit to the New York’s FCB supporters’ club
Monday04 11:39 “Kick it to malaria” video
11:37 Humanitarian commitment in ‘The NYT’

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