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23.07.2008 12:50

Agreement with Kuruvchi FC


FC Barcelona have reached an agreement with Kuruvchi FC that will see the Blaugrana play a friendly in Uzbekistan within the next 18 months and see the Uzkbeki players visit Camp Nou.

The freindly will be played in Uzbekistan before January 31, 2010 and will be arranged for a date when FC Barcelona do not have any official games that could interfere.

Training in Barcelona

In turn, the Blaugrana will allow Kuruvchi to use their sports facilities to enjoy some training session this season during the break in the Uzbekistan campaign for Christmas.

Team coaching

When Kuruvchi visit the Catalan capital, they will play Barça in a training ground friendly in the Miniestadi and will be coached for a couple of session by the Blaugrana’s trainers.

In the last few days Samuel Eto'o, Andrés Iniesta and Carles Puyol have all visited the Kuruvchi club in Uzbeikstan to promote football in the country and support a football campus.
Photo: www.pfc-kuruvchi.com
Photo: www.pfc-kuruvchi.com

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