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06.07.2008 19:00

The ex-Presidents also take part

Anna Segura

Raimon Carrasco, Agustí Montal, Josep Lluís Núñez, Joan Gaspart and Enric Reyna had no doubts about dropping by the Camp Nou in order to exercise their right to vote. All four ex-Presidents placed emphasis on the big event that has taken place.

Among those members who came to the Camp Nou to vote this Sunday were all FC Barcelona’s ex-Presidents, who also wanted to take part in this day of democracy in the club’s ground.

Gaspart first

Frame_Gaspart.JPGThe first ex-President to take part in the censure vote was Joan Gaspart. He who was President from 2000 to 2003 stated, “Barça’s members have shown that they care about their club”, and he thinks that what is most important is “the people taking part”.

Raimon Carrasco, Barcelona’s President between 1977 and 1978 –before the arrival of Núñez-, also carried out his right to vote. Carrasco did so at poll station no.21 in the south goal.

Montal voted at midday

At midday, Agustí Montal appeared at poll station no.73. Barça’s President on two occasions between 1969 and 1977 stated “we are a democratic club where everyone wants to let their opinions be known”. Montal also stated, ”it’s very important that terms of office come to an end”.

Reyna stresses the right and obligation of the club members

At around 7p.m., Enric Reyna made his vote at poll station no.93. Laporta’s predecessor, -he carried out the task for a few months in 2003, stressed, “the club member has the right and the obligation to decide the future of his club”. In the same way as Gaspart and Montal had done previously, Reyna commented, “it’s good that there has been a high turnout in order for there to be doubts as to the final result”.

Impatience for Núñez’s arrival

QM3D0427.jpgAlthough he was due to arrive at 6.30p.m., the ex-President Josep Lluís Núñez voted at around 6.15p.m. after accompanying his wife to vote. The President with most years in the job –he did so for 22 years, from 1978 to 2003- was greeted by many media agents and a few club members who gave him their support.

After voting at poll station no.78, Núñez, who has always been critical of the present Board of Directors, gave his opinion on the club’s present situation: “I wish Barcelona the very best”. He continued, “the institution has been damaged. If you analyse what we have now and what we had before, there’s a big difference”.
The ex-Presidents also take part

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