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06.07.2008 23:53

The vote of censure is unsuccessful


‘Yes’ was the majorities’ choice, but it didn’t quite reach the 66% that the Statute requires for the vote of censure to be successful.

With 100% of the votes now counted, the results of the vote of censure held today, Sunday the 6 th of July, were the following: 23,870 votes in favour (60.60%), 14,871 against (37.75%), 540 protest votes (1.37%) and 108 null and void (0.27%).

Not quite the necessary 66.6%

These results are insufficient for the vote of censure to go ahead, since the statutes of the club clearly state, in Article 49.5, “a vote of censure will only be approved on obtaining two thirds or more of the votes cast”.  The votes in favour were 60.60% of the total but didn’t surpass the 66.6% necessary.

As a consequence of these results, the present Board of Directors can continue with their responsibilities until the end of this term, in 2010.

The vote of censure is unsuccessful
Everyone put the emphasis on the turnout
All those involved in the voting process emphasised the high turnout of members today.  Finally, a total of 39,389 members, "33.23% of the total census" (consisting of 118,528 people) have exercised their right to vote.

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