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Six months since Milito’s comeback

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05.07.2010 18:03

Six months since Milito’s comeback

Jesús Carrillo

Gabriel Milito made his comeback from a serious injury exactly six months ago against Sevilla in the Camp Nou.

2010-01-05_FCB_-_SEVILLA_001.jpgMilito suffered a knee ligament injury in Old Trafford in 2008. His recovery took longer than initially expected and he finally spent one and a half years out of action.

68 minutes

2010-01-05_FCB_-_SEVILLA_004.jpgThe 60,000 spectators in the Camp Nou gave him a wonderful reception and Milito played 68 minutes in his comeback against Sevilla in the Cup. It was an emotional moment for the player and a sign of his importance to the fans and the team.

A good comeback performance

In those 68 minutes he was involved in 50 incidents and won back possession on 4 occasions. Unfortunately, Barça lost 1-2 but that didn’t change the fact that a great player had returned to the team. Over the rest of the season he played a significant role in many matches including the 0-2 defeat of Real Madrid in the Bernabeu.
Six months since Milito’s comeback
Grateful to the Club
Gaby Milito later made no secret of his gratitude: “I’m grateful to everyone in the Club, coaches, doctors…”. He went on to name individually just about everyone who had played any part in his recovery.

That night, he also told reporters that he had never lost hope despite the seriousness of his injury. “Obviously, some moments were more difficult than others but I always remained hopeful, especially because of the professionals I had around me. I worked hard and kept faith in them”.

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