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Zubi: "We’re going there to be competitive"

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26.04.2011 12:48

Zubizarreta: "We’re going there to be competitive"

The Sports Director of Professional Football, Andoni Zubizarreta, stressed that Barça will travel to Madrid for the first leg of the Champions League semi-final "to be competitive” and be "faithful to our style of play".

Zubizarreta: “We’re going there to be competitive“

Zubizarreta attended the media at Barcelona airport, just before Barca’s first team set off on their trip to Madrid, where on Wednesday they’ll face the team managed by Mourinho in the first leg of the semifinals of the top European competition.

True to a playing style

When asked how the team felt before this round of the Champions League, Zubizarreta replied that the team will be competitive, whilst maintaining their style of play: "We’re going there to be competitive, to maintain our playing style, and be faithful to how we understand that football should be played. In short, we’ll go out there to do what we know best”.

With the greatest aspiration

Zubizarreta doesn’t believe either team is favourite to make it through to the Final. "In Champions League ties, all games are really even and very close" he pointed out, just before commenting that everything that is spoken in this sense “is something we can’t control". He added that "It’s a fantastic tie against a great team, and we’ll take it on with the greatest aspiration to do well. There’s no doubt that both teams will do everything possible to satisfy the dreams of the fans".

In the semis for the fourth consecutive season

In answer to a question about whether he thought that, due to injuries, Barça are coming into the decisive part of the competition with resources limited, the Sports Director of Professional Soccer replied that "we’re here with the greatest aspirations". He also pointed out that "we’re in the Champions League semifinals for the fourth consecutive time, which demonstrates great stability....this reassures us all as a club".

The importance of learning from mistakes

Finally, Zubizarreta, who stressed that he hadn’t seen hardly any differences between the League and Cup games between Barca and Real Madrid, is convinced that in the Bernabéu on Wednesday "it will be very similar to what we have seen up to now”. Precisely about the Cup Final in Valencia, Zubizarreta made it clear that the team "learned a lot" from that match. "In the end this is a process in which players learn from what they suffered and what they enjoyed, and the opposition players do the same thing" he concluded.

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