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22.12.2009 13:36

24 intense hours

Sandra Sarmiento / Vanessa Forns

There was a mood of a job well done on the plane from Zurich to Barcelona. Having won the last prize of 2009, the FIFA World Player, Leo Messi and FC Barcelona have ended a year in which they have won over the plaudits around the world.

It was a long day for the Barça entourage, who left Kuwait to fly to Zurich and attend the FIFA World Player gala. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Alves were the four most special guests, and led by Joan Laporta, it was busy day from eight o’clock onwards.

Tired but happy

2009-12-21_VIAJE_08.jpgLogically, on their return from the conquest of the first Clubs World Cup in Barça history, there were some very tired faces, but at the same time everybody was in a jubilant mood. After a quick transfer to the airport, the president bade farewell to the country’s authorities and led his squad off to Switzerland.

Time for rest

The flight took six hours, which gave everybody the chance for some well-earned rest. Messi dropped off almost immediately, and Xavi and Iniesta soon followed. However, Dani Alves stayed awake listening to music.

Change of temperature

2009-12-21_VIAJE_10.JPGThere was quite some change in temperature awaiting them, for after the steamy 25 degrees in Abu Dhabi they were faced by subzero figures in Zurich. It was 15.00 when they arrived, and there was plenty more to get done. The first stop was a press conference prior to the gala, featuring three Barcelona players who have won six amazing titles and were the focus of universal admiration.

The big moment

2009-12-21_GALA_25.JPGAfter getting changed and exchanging some words with the Catalan media, it was time for the announcement of the world player of the year. Following their success in the 2009 Clubs World Cup, there was no doubt that Barça were going to the main protagonists of the evening.

As everybody had expected, Lionel Messi was presented with the top honour, although there were also prizes for third and fifth placed Xavi and Iniesta. There could have been no better way to toast the end of a remarkable year.
24 intense hours

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Back to work
The atmosphere on the flight back to Barcelona was as cheerful as was to be expected. The players and some of their family members, along with various directors and coaches, drank cava and toasted the six trophies won this year. And now it is time for the players to take a break and regain some strength. After Christmas, they will be due back for their first training session on December 29 at 18.00.

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