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16.12.2009 19:49

Six of the best for Pedro


Pedro Rodriguez has become part of the history of FC Barcelona. With his goal in the semi-final of the World Club Cup, the Canary Islander has scored in the six official tournaments that the Club has taken part in.

In the 67th minute in the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi, Pedro Rodriguez received a superb pass from Iniesta to fire past Mexican keeper Vilar. The goal put the result of the match beyond doubt and qualified Barça for Saturday’s final.

A spectacular achievement

2009-12-16_PARTIDO_073.JPGThe symbolic and statistical value of the goal probably outweighs its value in the match itself. In his first full season in the senior squad, Pedro has achieved something that will be difficult to repeat for any player at any club.

Four hectic months

supercampions_x3x.jpgIt all began in Bilbao on 16th August. His goal in the Spanish Super Cup was the starting point for a glorious four-month run that would end this afternoon in Abu Dhabi, with additional goals in the European Super Cup, the league, the Spanish Cup and the Champions League.

Ten goals

The home-grown winger has scored ten goals so far this season: 3 in the league, 2 in the Cup, 2 in the Champions League, 1 in the Spanish Super Cup, 1 in the European Super Cup and 1 in the World Club Cup.

View the complete statistics of Pedro Rodriguez .
Six of the best for Pedro
Better than Giovanni and Messi
Brazilian midfielder Giovanni Silva holds a similar record. In the 1997-98 season, he scored nine goals in the league, 4 in the Champions League, 2 in the Spanish Cup, 2 in the Spanish Super Cup and 1 in the European Super Cup.
This season, Leo Messi has scored in the league, the Cup, the Spanish Super Cup, the Champions League and the World Club Cup.

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