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30.04.2008 18:03

“The poor performances oblige us to make changes”

Xavi Rocamora / Jordi Clos

Barça director of football, Txiki Begiristain, has announced that his directors are making plans for next season, saying “everything is ready but needs time”.

The day after going out of the Champions League, Txiki Begiristain spoke about the first team’s situation on Barça TV. “The poor performances make changes an obligation”, he said. “Now we have to make an analysis, and the decisions will be made at the send of the season”. And these changes are already well into the planning stage. “Getting to Moscow would not have changed any of things we have decided. We don’t improvise, neither before, or after. Everything is ready but needs time. The changes will come in the end”.


He went on to remind listeners that “last year we reacted quickly and nobody doubted the quality of the squad at the start of the season, but things didn’t work out well.” Begiristain was self-critical but said that rather than an institutional problem, it was a sporting issue. “The payers are to blame, and the managers and the director of football. Not winning titles is a letdown given the names we have, although one thing is what might have been and another thing are the the performances of the players once they are here”.

Undebatable style

QM3D1221.jpgThere are four games left, and the Basque now feels “we have to finish second, respecting our style, playing well and effectively. The players have to show professionalism, pride and unity to remind us that they made history. Our style is undebatable. We saw that against Manchester United, with 61 % of the possession in the first leg and 62% in the return. Our prestige lives on and I am sure people still think we set a standard throughout Europe. There have been shortcomings, like a lack of pace in the opposing area and details like shots from a distance, and that means we have to think about changes”.

Developing ideas

As for the future, he added “we will draw up another project with real expectations.” He does not believe in the idea of the end of an era and spoke about the six new players that were signed this season, saying “there will be another major change as part of the developments that are already under way.” It seems the club is looking for a new kind of player. “The new players will have to offer immediate results. They have to be prepared, be mentally strong and able to lead and perform through difficult times”.
“The poor performances oblige us to make changes”

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Proud of Rijkaard’s work
He was naturally quizzed about Frank Rijkaard’s future on the Barça bench. Txiki Begiristain explained that “Rijkaard has done an extraordinary job, he is an honest club man. He has to find a way to end the season in a dignified fashion and remind us of the things he has won. This is the time for intensity and unity in the four remaining games.”

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