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28.04.2008 18:08

Ferguson: “I’m expecting a more open game”


The Manchester United manager thinks that this Tuesday’s game will be “more open than the one at Camp Nou”. Ferguson added that he likes the way Barça plays and concedes that the return leg will be “a tactical battle”.

The Old Trafford press room was the scene for this Tuesday lunchtime’s pre-match Champions League press conference for Manchester United’s manager Sir Alex Ferguson and winger Ryan Giggs. Ferguson said he was expecting “an evenly balanced game, more open than the one at Camp Nou, in which either side could win”.

Praise for Barça’s style

Sir Alex Ferguson was full of praise for Barça’s now traditional style of play. “I’ve been watching Barça for years and they never change the way they play,” he said. “They retain possession and really put you on the back foot with all their passing and little touches.”

Open tie

previafcb-manu_x6x.jpgThe 0-0 scoreline from the first leg means that both teams will have to play in a different way than they did at Camp Nou. Ferguson thinks that Rijkaard’s team will be ready to take risks, as “recently teams tend to take more risks away from home”, although he doesn’t believe that the Catalans will change the way they play.

Sir Alex also said that Tuesday’s game will be a “tactical battle” and an exciting encounter. He thinks that Barça “reckon they have a chance of winning just like us, but we have the players to put them off their stride and win the match.”

Team doubts

Defeat against Chelsea in the Premier League not only means that Manchester United and Chelsea are level on points, but also ended with two United players injured. Ferguson thinks that both Vidic, with a blow to the face, and Rooney, with a muscle strain in his leg, are unlikely to play tomorrow.
Ferguson: “I’m expecting a more open game”
Veterans and youngsters
Ryan Giggs was very upbeat about the “good blend” in his team between young players and veterans. The Welsh winger doesn’t think the younger players need to be calmed down: “You don’t want to do that as their enthusiasm and commitment have been very important and positive for the side.”

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