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19.04.2008 23:22

Players regret lack of goal-scoring accuracy

Anna Segura

After the game, Barça players regretted their lack of goal-scoring accuracy. Nevertheless, they think it’s time to turn the page and focus on Wednesday’s crucial game against Manchester United.

The first team players believed they deserved three points, and that they were unlucky not scoring. Despite the draw, the players know they now must focus on the Champions League.

Below are some of FC Barcelona players’ comments.

Leo Messi:

QM3D9958.jpg“We were unlucky not scoring. We did everything right to get three points.”

“We needed to win. But now we have to focus on Wednesday”.

“On Wednesday, the fans have to respond like they did today”.

“I’ve got over my injury. I feel fine”.

“We think we can get through the semi-final. The team’s attitude was good, but some things need improving”.

Gaby Milito:

“It was important to win this game. We needed to, because it was a derby and because of the game on Wednesday”.

“Now winning the league will be a bit more difficult. But we have to turn the page and focus on the Champions League. On Wednesday we have a really important game. We have to try everything to get through the semi-final”.

“Our dynamics in the Champions League are totally different to the league. We feel more confident”.

“Manchester United are favourites through their own merit, but in this type of game their are no clear favourites”.

“Especially at home, we have to come out to win. We can’t give our opponent any chances and we have to keep a clean sheet”.

Víctor Valdés:

“Each time it gets more difficult”.

“We had control of the game. Espanyol were waiting to counter-attack. We had chances but it’s a shame none went in”.

“On Wednesday, we have to change our mindset. It’ll be a hard game, but we hope we can get through to the final”.
“Maybe the fans aren’t happy with our performance, but I’m sure they’ll be behind us on Wednesday”.

Gianluca Zambrotta:

“We had a lot of chances, but it always ends up nil-nil. We’ve been unlucky because the ball just didn’t want to go in”.

“The important thing is to give it your all to try to win. Sometimes the goals don’t come easily”.

“The league is more difficult to win now but we’ll keep on trying till the end. We have a difficult game on Wednesday, and we have to give it our all. It’s the most important game of the season”.

Touré Yaya:

QM3D9813.jpg“Now, it’ll be difficult to win the league, but we have to remember we have another game on Wednesday. It’ll be a complicated game against a good team. Winning is very important”.

“There are six or seven games left. I’ll keep going with infiltrations. I’ll get operated on when the season’s over”.
Players regret lack of goal-scoring accuracy
Ingla: “We have to close ranks for Wednesday”
The sports vice-president, Marc Ingla, accepted that the league was now “even more difficult”, but he added “we have to trust in miracles”. Ingla thought “the team had played well in the second half. It was a shame the goal didn’t come”.

On the Manchester united game, he asserted that “we have to close ranks for Wednesday. We have to be totally focussed on the game”. He added that “well have to get the best out of our game and our players. We’re facing the semi-final feeling confident”.

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