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17.06.2007 23:40

“Learn from mistakes”


Following the loss of the Liga, Barça squad admit the team should “learn from its mistakes” and to not make the same mistakes next season. They also agreed that the title should have been decided beforehand and not in the last game of the season.

Having not achieved the Liga for the third consecutive year, the Barça players admit “it’s a tough moment.” The blaugrana players all agree that for the next season they should not “commit the same errors” they did this time around.

Carles Puyol

“We didn’t lose the Liga today as the season has been irregular. We’ve not performed at key moments. It’s a tough time at the moment and we have to learn from it.”
“We can’t change history, but we can learn from it. We have a great team.”

Xavi Hernàndez

“It’s a shame as we had hope for over an hour. We played well, however, we lost the Liga in earlier games.”
Madrid had the advantage. We had the Liga in our hands and we’ve made mistakes.”
I hope we learn from our mistakes as the squad is clearly affected.”
We’ve made mistakes in many areas, in particular, we’ve been a little too confident in key moments.”
“We have to look forward and come back Stronger”.


“We knew it’d be difficult for Madrid to lose at home following four years without any silverware. We did what we had to do and we did it well”.
We didn’t lose the Liga today, but in other away games and the last two games at home”.
The league is normally won by the most regular team. We’ve had difficult moments especially with players out injured, and we’ve been short of our best on occasions”.
“It’s a sad time for the players. We’re analyzing what we did wrong”.
“Madrid lost many points early on in the season, we didn’t capitalise on this. This is what is most frustrating”.
“Both teams have had good and bad times. Madrid may have had a little luck in the last few games, but leagues are not decided like that”.

Thiago Motta

“Madrid were in the driving seat. We couldn’t do anything more today. We’ve suffered a difficult day today. We have to congratulate the champions”.
“We have to see what went well and what didn’t and try to find a way to resolve them”.

Andrés Iniesta

“When you have to rely on other teams, this is what happens. However, the league is not lost in one game”.
“The team always wants to win, so when we lose, it’s tough. We need to analyze our errors and correct them for next season”.

Leo Messi

“It’s difficult to criticize yourself, but we need to do this to find out what we need to work on next season”.
“There was hope for a long time in the game, however, this made the end result even more painful”.
“Learn from mistakes”
All to Tarragona
All the players, including those not in the squad list, travelled to Tarragona for Sunday’s game. Gudjohnsen, Edmilson and Sylvinho wanted to be with the rest of the team for the last game of the season.

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