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16.06.2007 13:26

Puyol “no mistakes in Tarragona”

David Puig

In order to win the third consecutive Liga title, Barça cannot afford to slip up in Tarragona. Puyol is still hopeful and assures that the team is motivated to win.

Carles has sent out a clear message: “To stand a chance of winning, we have to win in Tarragona. It’s vitally important not to slip up and then hope Mallorca can cause an upset in Madrid”. The blaugrana captain remembers Barça’s error in not capitalising on Madrid’s draw in the Romareda, for that reason alone, Puyol has insisted that the only thing the team must do is win three points in the Nou Estadi. “We must go out determined to win from the first minute. We have to forget about last Saturday and beat Nastic. Everything else is out of our hands.”

To win the Liga will not be a miracle

Puyol does not believe in miracles in football. If Barça win the Liga, it will be because they have deserved to win it and not through “divine intervention”. “It’s true Madrid are favourites to win, but it won’t be easy against Mallorca. We know ourselves how difficult it was to win, therefore I think Madrid will find the going tough. I don’t want another farce like last Saturday, I hope the results are reversed and Barça win the Liga.”

Irregular season

For puyol, he finds it normal for the Liga to be decided on the final day of the season: “there has been no clear leader this season. All teams have had ups and downs and nobody has imposed themselves as champions. We knew we’d have to fight to the end and now is the moment of truth.
Puyol “no mistakes in Tarragona”

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“The Liga deserves a big celebration”
Barça have the chance of winning their third consecutive Liga title; a feat no other team has achieved since the dream team. Puyol says he will celebrate the Liga with more passion than the last two occasions, if Barça win: “To win the Liga three times on the trot is difficult to do and deserves merit. If we win, I’ll celebrate a lot because it’s been really tough this year. The happiness will be immense”.

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