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15.06.2007 15:03

Rijkaard: “We have to play with pride”

Sandra Sarmiento/Anna Segura

The blaugrana coach has appealed to the spirit of the team to take on their final game of the Liga agaibst Nastic. Rijkaard believes “the team must do their job.”

Two days before the final game of the Liga and Frank Rijkaard has visited Tarragona to do the habitual photo session with the Nastic coach, Paco Flores. “the team must do it’s job and think only in this. We mustn’t think of negativity and we must play with pride,” said Rijkaard in Nastic’s stadium.


floresrijkaard.jpgAsked if he believed in miracles, the Dutch coach assured that “It’s not miracles I believe in but in what can happen. Every game can produce surprises. We have to win points and there’s still a possibility of this happening.” Rijkaard also believes that “there’s still one game left and anything can happen. We have to hope.”

On the other hand, the Barça coach cannot conceive the idea of Madrid losing and Barça not taking advantage of this: “it would be a little strange. It’s not our objective. We must do everything to leave a good image and get a good result”.

A difficult Nastic

Despite having been relegated a few weeks ago, Nastic de Tarragona will go into Sunday’s game looking for a result. Rijkaard believes “for Nastic it’s an important game for the fans and we must prepare ourselves in the best possible way.”

Rijkaard has not been sparing in his praise towards Paco Flores in the meeting on Friday. The blaugrana coach said “I have a lot of respect for him and we get on well. When you get on well with somebody, it’s not necessary to look at them too much.”
Rijkaard: “We have to play with pride”

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Flores wants to make life difficult for Barça
In the press conference, Paco Flores insists “we will try to do the best we can in the best possible way to make it difficult for our opponents. The best motivation for a coach is to have the chance to beat a team such as Barça.”

Paco Flores has also praised Frank Rijkaard: “he’s an extraordinary coach and is an exemplary role model with regards being correct and educated”.

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