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15.06.2007 13:03

Iniesta: “We have to look for a miracle”

Jaume Marcet

Iniesta knows that winning the third Liga title will not be an easy task. The manchego, who is convinced anything can happen, laments no being in control of events.

A realist without losing hope. Andres Iniesta would have preferred Barça to go into the final game with everything in their hands, however, following the events against Espanyol “we are not dependent on ourselves; we have to wait and see what Madrid do while we have to win against Nastic.” Despite the situation, there is still room for hope: “Luck can be on our side, however, we have to look for a miracle”.
Hope not lost

Following the draw against Espanyol (2-2), Andres Iniesta felt helpless “I was gutted, but now I believe in fighting to the end,” although he knows “it’s difficult to play at home to Madrid.” Iniesta regrets having let the possibility of deciding the Liga escape from their grasps earlier on, “whoever wins, deserves to win. We mustn’t think we’ve given it away; there is still hope.”

Anything can happen

Iniesta understands that in Madrid “there is a lot of Euphoria due to the situation being difficult to better.” However, despite this, Iniesta has not ruled out the fact that fortunes can change, therefore he believes “if we win the Liga, it’ll be bigger than the year before.” Lastly, Iniesta has mentioned that Sevilla cannot be discounted in the fight for the title.
Iniesta: “We have to look for a miracle”

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Friend of Fernando Navarro
Andres Iniesta says he has not spoken to any player from Mallorca, but says he is friends with his ex team mate Fernando Navarro, who he has exchanged text messages with during the week.

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