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14.06.2007 18:20

Eto’o wants to win with Pride

Miriam Nadal

Eto’o wants to give everything this Sunday against Nastic, for the shirt he wears, his team mates and for the season. Eto’o has full confidence in his ex-team mates from Mallorca.

Eto’o took part in a ‘Make Roads Safe” campaign on Thursday with RACC; an initiative to try and prevent accidents on the roads. The Cameroon player was not nervous about the game this Sunday and stressed the importance to keep playing until the last second.


The Barça ‘9’ appeared “relaxed” over the outcome of the Liga: “in the few seconds before the game, I’ll have a pain in my stomach. We have to try and keep our heads held high for the shirt we wear, our team mates and what we have achieved this season”.

The Forward is looking forward to playing at the same time as the other teams vying for the title. “While there’s a chance, there’s hope. If there are opportunities, we’ll take them,” expressed Eto’o.
Confidence in his ex-team mates

Eto’o, who has an affection for his old club Mallorca, has confidence in the Professionalism of his ex-team mates: “Mallorca will play their game. I hope they play to their full ability, they’re professionals and have all the confidence in them. I know their style, I know their mentality, however, I’m not one to tell them what they have to do. They will do what their legs and heads tell them”.
Eto’o wants to win with Pride
To make the roads safer
Barça and Eto’o were united in the campaign “Make Roads Safe”; an initiative from RACC in Catalunya. A campaign to try and make the roads safer.

The road safety commission was set up in order to raise awareness into the trauma caused by traffic in the world; especially in countries with unfavourable road conditions. Therefore, Eto’o has summoned to the G8 and United Nations to get this issue onto the list of priorities on their agenda.

Campaign leader RACC say the support from Eto’o will help promote the cause here in Spain, as well as in Africa and South America; two places which suffer greatly from the lack of road safety. The objective of the campaign is basically to raise public and political awareness of the cause of over 3000 deaths a day; 500 of which being children. The majority of the victims coming from low income countries.

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