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12.06.2007 16:37

Eto'o: “I’m not asking Mallorca for anything”

Jaume Marcet

Although he played there for four seasons, Eto'o is asking nothing of his former club, Mallorca. Appearing at a promotional event, the striker said he is convinced Mallorca will have enough motivation of their own going into the game with Madrid.

Eto' o is still fondly remembered in Mallorca, and many might expect him to use his influence to give Mallorca that extra nudge ahead of this Sunday’s final day of league action. But the Cameroonian is adamant that is not the case.

No pressure on Mallorca

etoxo1111.jpgSays Eto'o “I can’t play with them, I am an FC Barcelona player and I am nobody to go asking them for favours. They are in the first division for a reason, but I will stick to playing my game and let them play theirs”. Eto'o is more concerned with the game in Tarragona, in order to avoid what could be a far worse situation. “Imagine Mallorca win but we lose. Things like that can happen in this life” he said.

Nothing for free

Eto'o doesn’t not want to hear talk of his team throwing away the league. “At the start of the season it was as if the league was ours without even having to play. But you win the league by winning matches, and maybe we have let some chances go but we have not given away the league, and there is still one game to go.”

Henry the great

And what does Eto’o make of all these rumours that Arsenal star Thierry Henry could make a high profile move to Barcelona this summer? “He is one of the best players in the world, and I always want to play alongside the best. If the club decide to sign him, he will be made welcome” he said.
Eto'o: “I’m not asking Mallorca for anything”
Pleased with his compatriots
Eto' o is delighted with the progress being made by the no fewer than nine Cameroonian teenagers playing in the various Barça youth teams. All of them have come from his school in his home country and now reside at La Masia. “I am happy to see them smiling and able to share the same conditions as other youngsters hoping to one day make the grade as professional footballers” he said.

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