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11.06.2007 13:32

Camp Nou attendances continue to rise

Sergi Nogueras

The average league attendance in the Camp Nou has risen once again this season, reaching 74,391.

Attendances at the Camp Nou continue to rise season by season, with sizeable increases since 2001-02. The average home league attendance for the season about to finish is 74,391, some 21,000 spectators more per match than five seasons ago.

Almost a million and a half

A total of 1,413,439 spectators have watched the 19 league matches played in the Camp Nou this season compared with 1,390,781 last season, an increase of nearly 23,000.

Highest and lowest

Once again, the match that recorded the highest attendance was the league clash against Real Madrid, which was watched by 97,823 spectators. Close behind comes the match against Sevilla in matchday 6 (91,220 spectators) followed by last Saturday’s derby against Espanyol (90,695). The match with the lowest attendance was against Atlético Madrid in matchday 16, just before Christmas – 21st December – with 53,685 fans.

Year on year increase

The attendances at Barça’s home league matches have grown steadily over the last five years. This season’s average attendance of 74,391 compares to 73,199 in 2005-2006, 73,015 in 2004-2005, 66,603 in 2003-2004, 65,309 in 2002-2003 and 53,306 spectators in the 2001-2002 season.

League attendances in the Camp Nou this season are as follows:

FCB-Osasuna 63,720
FCB-Valencia 83,365
FCB-Sevilla 91,220
FCB-Recreativo 72,630
FCB-Zaragoza 74,201
FCB-Vila-real 78,417
FCB-R. Sociedad 69,093
FCB-At. Madrid 53,685
FCB-Nàstic 74,343
FCB-Celta 68,549
FCB-Racing 75,631
FCB-Ath. Club 68,804
FCB-Real Madrid 97,823
FCB-Deportivo 63,827
FCB-Mallorca 70,441
FCB-Levante 73,863
FCB-Betis 77,748
FCB-Getafe 64,574
FCB-Espanyol 90,695
Camp Nou attendances continue to rise
Also in the Champions League
This increase in attendances has also been reflected in the four CL matches played in the Camp Nou this season. Three of the four have been watched by more than 90,000 spectators: against Chelsea (90,199), Werder Bremen (95,824) and Liverpool (93,631). The only match that failed to attract this level of support was the group stage match against Levski (62,839 spectators). The average attendance at the four matches was 85,623, compared to 81,363 last season, when six matches were played.

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