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09.06.2007 23:58

“It’s a lesson, but we have to move forward”

Anna Segura

Frank Rijkaard appeared deceived at the opportunity lost following the draw against Espanyol but promised to “continue working and fighting to the end.”

After the final whistle, Frank Rijkaard made not effort to hide his sadness at the lost opportunity. The Dutch coach assured “we all have to get over this and accept that this draw is like a defeat for us. We have to prepare for the last game as it’s still mathematically possible. We have to keep working and fighting until the end.”

Rijkaard criticised himself and recognised that “we’ve let a great chance to be Liga leaders escape us”

No pride lost

Despite the loss, the blaugrana coach believes that “there are moments which serve to help the future. It’s a lesson but we have to move forward and not lose our pride.” On the same lines, Rijkaard gave his assurances that despite the blow “our pride will help us get over this. Life goes on although it hurts at the moment.”

Nervous Start

The Dutch coach saw a nervous team at the start of play “however, following Espanyol’s goal, the team reacted well and controlled the game. There was nothing stopping us getting the third goal, but it was not to be. At 2-1, I wanted to attack less, waste time and stay back.”

No favours in football

Asked whether he thinks Barça have lost the Liga, Frank Rijkaard responded “there’s still one game left, it still hasn’t been decided.” He added “we have fought for the Liga and we continue fighting, however, it’s clear that this has been a big blow.”
In response to the other games, Rijkaard declared that “when there’s noise emanating from the stands, it means something has happened, but what does it matter if you don’t win yourself.”

“It’s a lesson, but we have to move forward”
Ten Cate
Among the many personalities present was Ten Cate. The former assistant coach did not want to miss the last blaugrana game to be played this season at Camp Nou.

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